The Quizzo Cast

Play Freebird (Scooters)! And the REAL Story of Quizzo's Start

Episode Summary

Detroit Bus Company's Andy Didirosi tells us about getting free scooters to Detroiters, then Zac stops in to correct some "misinformation" about Quizzo's beginnings.

Episode Notes

00:00 The Detroit Bus Company's Andy Didirosi has been all over the news lately thanks to his efforts to get scooters in the hands of Detroit kids. He tells us the story of charging a few Birds and Limes started this whole venture.

10:45 We ask Andy about the Detroit Bus Company, how it started, and how it's helping tourists and locals alike.

15:30 We are a trivia podcast, so we test Andy's knowledge of transportation, Birds, and Limes.

22:30 Quizzo host Zac Cockerhan has been with the company since our start 11 years ago. In Episode 1, owner Mikey Yum talked about how the company started. Zac heard the story and feels Mike may have been looking through rose-colored glasses. Our most love and hated host stops by to set the story straight, and to defend himself to the haters.