The Quizzo Cast

Proposals and Pillows

Episode Summary

Julie tells us about her marathon proposal and her Quizzo "Audition." Tabi joins tells us about the perks of dating the boss, if there are any. And we preview our upcoming event nights.

Episode Notes

00:00 Zac wedges his way into yet another episode
03:05 Julie is newly engaged, and she tells us about her fiance's proposal -at the Detroit Marathon finish line.
06:45 Julie ,Donnie, and Zac throw it back to the first - and only - Quizzo Idol.
09:45 Zac, not to be outdone, shares his audition story, and why it was different.
10:55 OG host Donnie tells us about hosting waaay back in the day, before even smartphones existed!
17:15 "Full Time Host" Social Media Manager Brian joins the show
19:00 Tabi pops by to roast her boyfriend, who may or may not be our boss.
21:25 Katie attempts to tell us about our upcoming January theme nights- Game of Thrones, Disney, and Sex & The City