The Quizzo Cast

P.S. Your Quiz Is In The Sink

Episode Summary

Quizzo hosts Patrick and Jenna share host horror stories from hosting AND from working on a cruise ship together. Tom recaps Curb trivia and the most awkward answer ever.

Episode Notes

00:00 Quizzo Hosts Patrick and Jenna join the show

05:40 Jenna explains the similarities between teaching high schoolers and hosting Quizzo

08:25 Patrick and Jenna talk about working together on a cruise ship and how much like "Below Deck" it was.

17:30 How a smack in the ass brought our two lovebirds together

24:10 Quizzo hosting horror stories - Jon's IBQ, Patrick's rock-paper-scissors fail, and Tom's Curb Your Enthusiasm night

41:15 Special events coming up in the next two weeks.
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If you're curious, the EXTREMELY NSFW Marty Funkhouser Curb Your Enthusiasm joke can be seen here.