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Quizzo Host, Author, and Detroit Chief Storyteller Aaron Foley

Episode Summary

Quizzo host Aaron Foley talks Detroit storytelling, "How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass," his Quizzo experience, and Vernors

Episode Notes

Quizzo host, author, and Chief Storyteller for the City of Detroit Aaron Foley joins us for episode 9. He explains his day job to us, how he got involved with Quizzo (hint: he's got a good college story from State about Bucket), and how to live in Detroit without being a jackass.

00:00 Aaron Foley talks about his job for the City of Detroit and his website. The Neighborhoods

12:47 We ask Aaron about his experience hosting Quizzo at Atwater, Firebird, and more.

19:35 We KNEW our guest had to have a good story about college drunkenness, as he went to MSU with our operations manager Mike, aka Bucket.

24:30 Aaron's Book is adorned with Vernors colors. So we quiz him to see how much he knew about Detroit's favorite beverage.

28:30 Now that he has a second, updated edition out, we ask Aaron exactly HOW to live in Detroit without being a jackass.

34:30 We've got a BUNCH of themed trivia nights coming up in the next two weeks. Katie runs them down.

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Finally, check out the second edition of Aaron Foley's book, How To Live In Detroit Without Being a Jackass