The Quizzo Cast

The Champs, Offensive Team Names, and Awkward Moments

Episode Summary

Quizzo Cup Champs Dick Wolf, our hosts talk offensive and awkward Quizzo moments, Jon's wife stops in, and we preview Simpsons trivia.

Episode Notes

00:00 Mike and Brian from team Dick Wolf stop in to talk about their victory in last week's Quizzo Cup Finals, as well as strategy and tips for other teams.

14:25 Team names - some funny, some downright offensive.

19:35 Tom shares a story about a wild and unexpected night at Red Dunn downtown before the Quizzo Cup.

24:00 The hosts share stories of nights gone awry, including hecklers, a trailer park bar, downriver power outages and Jason's story of playing a very unfortunate song at the upscale Maple Theater.

34:09 Jon's wife Ellen makes her podcast debut and talks about a day in the life of a Quizzo spouse.

37:04 Tom's hosting a Simpsons themed trivia night tomorrow (December 21) at B. Nektar Meadery in Ferndale!

Have a happy holiday season and new year from all of us at Quizzo. We're back with another episode in January, and here's to 2019!